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Protective Coatings

Quality Protective Coatings

Protective coatings are a highly engineered barrier that protects a substrate (either metal, timber or concrete) from deterioration due to the natural environment or due to chemical attack.


Your asset that requires a protective coating can be worth millions and the cost of maintaining the asset may result in reduced cash flows.


Therefore your design objectives should match the;

  • Time to first or subsequent maintenance of the asset
  • The environment the asset is exposed to


More information can be found using Australian Standard/NZS 2312:2002 Guide to the protection of structural steel against atmospheric corrosion by the use of protective coatings.


Depending on these requirements, Commercial Industrial Painting Services can tailor a protective coatings program to achieve either a 5 year term til first maintenance, right up to 25 years.


In order to achieve these targets you must consider using specialist contractors as the application of these materials is subject to decades of research & development.


As a basic guide CIPS recommends the following steps for protective coatings services:


    • Identification of your required outcomes.
    • Development of a specification and a reference of the Standards you require.
    • Engage a panel of 3 contractors that are PCCP accredited by the CSIRO to conform to your specification.
    • Liaise with the contractors panel for practical advice and recommendations.
    • Obtain detailed quotations from the 3 contractors.
    • Ensure the use of an accredited NACE Coating Inspector to ensure adherence to the specification & standards.
    • Please consider exploring more information through our Accreditations page.


Commercial Industrial Painting Services (CIPS) is a long established business with PCCP certification 3 & 4 and fully qualified NACE CIP – 2 coatings inspector that prides itself on being innovative and conforming to specification. All of our protective coatings services are guaranteed to be the highest quality, conforming to the highest of all industry standards.