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Project Management

At Commercial Industrial Painting Services we pride ourselves on our systems.

Over the 30 years the business has been operating our systems have been developed to ensure we keep pace with current Project Management philosophies.

Our main aim is to ensure our customers receive the required works as specified and the service they expect.

To achieve this we have a well-developed Systems Manual which encompasses our Project Management systems.

Our systems are “Championed” by our senior management.

The systems ensure that communication is the key, from the moment the client requests our services until the end of the works we make sure we communicate both internally, with transfer of knowledge to each Division of our business completed effectively and externally, ensuring the client is aware of where we are at in regard to the required works at all relevant times.

We are now close to gaining third party accreditation for our systems (Quality, Environmental and Occupational Health and Safety), the third party accreditation will further demonstrate our commitment to our Project Management philosophy.

Related services

With the strengths of our Systems and staff development we are able to apply these to perform other tasks for our clients.

For instance we have developed to a stage now where we can operate as a head contractor on projects where our services are the main activity. We are experienced in designing & implementing;

  • Project specifications.
  • Site safety & Environmental management plans
  • Site Quality management plan including Inspection & test plans.
  • Procedures for pedestrian management and vehicle management.
  • Procedures for high risk work, such as; Confined space entry, working at heights, working near power lines, etc
  • Obtaining approvals from Council, Melbourne Water, Vic Roads and other authorities.

Our past experience has enabled CIPS to implement all of the above Project Management Controls just to deliver painting services however now we have a Contractor Management Policy that allows us to engage third parties to provide related services.

For example you need welding repairs in conjunction with our works? CIPS can leverage on the strength of our Systems to engage the right contractor to operate safely within our work zone.