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Line Marking & Traffic Management Plans

In providing services to range of clients we have evolved into a one stop shop for many industrial, building & painting related services including Line Marking, Road Marking, Line Removal, Car Parking and Lettering.


Commercial Industrial Painting Services develops traffic management plans for your business that ensure that:


  • Pedestrians and forklifts (and any other powered mobile plant) are physically separated, so far as reasonably practical.
  • Fire Exit Pathways are identified.
  • Storage zones are nominated so hazardous equipment and chemicals are safely separated.


Whether it is apartment buildings or an industrial & commercial facility there is a ‘duty of care’ obligation to separate pedestrian traffic from vehicular traffic.


Risk management is the key to eliminating and minimising any potential risk of injury. When identifying risk controls we consider:

  • Where reasonably practicable, eliminating the risk altogether
  • The most efficient route of travel
  • Traffic flows
  • Ways to reduce the frequency of interaction with powered mobile plant


A traffic management plan may use a range of devices, such as:

  • Pedestrian and forklift exclusion zones
  • Safety zones for truck drivers
  • Floor markings
  • Speed limiting signs


CIPS can advise on developing practical Traffic Management Plans comprising of Car Parks, Arrows, Non slip pedestrian Crossings, Bicycle Symbols, Forklift Symbols, Disability Symbols, Safety Lines, Speed Humps, Kerbing, Stop and Give Way Lines, Numbering, and Lettering.