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Concrete Repair

At CIPS, we know that the strength and versatility of reinforced concrete makes it the most popular building material of the modern world. However, if the steel used to reinforce the concrete isn’t properly encapsulated, water can find its way into weak points in the concrete.


Concrete Spalling Services


That’s because the water leeches minerals such as lime from the concrete, which react with the steel causing it to rust. With wind and weather wearing away at the surface, and a weakened internal support structure, concrete becomes susceptible to spalling, and concrete cancer sets in.


The problem with the steel reinforcing the concrete rusting isn’t just that is becomes weak and brittle: it also expands, up to seven times in size. This displaces the concrete around it, leading to spalling, in which the surface of the concrete buckles and grows. Applying pressure to this swollen concrete causes it to flake off, of fall off in large chunks. Unfortunately, by the time concrete spalling is visible, the problem is well advanced and concrete cancer has already set in.


Concrete cancer in Melbourne is not only ugly, but it can cause structural damage to a building beyond flaking. The concrete can also become brittle and crack, allowing more water to penetrate and reach internal areas of the building. If a vertical surface cracks, this can lead to large chunks of concrete falling from the façade. Where the cracks are on horizontal surfaces, it can lead to internal damage to ceilings, electrical wiring and even to the building’s contents.


Concrete Cancer Melbourne Repairs


Commercial Industrial Painting Services offer concrete cancer repair services. We will visit you and identify structural defects and their underlying causes, explain the most economical and effective repair procedure and provide you with an estimate of the cost involved. Typically we will repair concrete cancer in Melbourne by removing damaged concrete and brickwork and removing rust from the steel reinforcing to make the existing structure good. We then apply anti-corrosive membranes to the steel or replace it before restoring the concrete and rendering or brickwork to recreate the original finish.


If the problem is with a roof, we take the same approach of stripping back to ensure the problem is rectified and treated before restoring the concrete, and apply waterproof membranes to prevent a repeat of water ingress.


Building maintenance and repair can seem like a costly headache, but studies have shown that the sooner you investigate and initiate repairs, the more money you will save. Structural issues, after all, won’t rectify themselves, and will only continue to cause further damage.


So don’t put off contacting Commercial Industrial Painting Services if you have or suspect you have a problem with concrete cancer or spalling, let us come to your rescue. We are well known throughout the industry for our concrete spalling services. It’s what we’re here for.