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Here at CIPS you can be assured that we have all the necessary certifications to give you piece of mind you deal with experts in the industry.

Australian Corrosion Association Member

The ACA is a non-political, non-profit membership based organisation.

The ACA is an organisation akin to a “learned society”. Its members are drawn from a wide cross section of industries.The ACA’s members are united by their common interest – to reduce the impact of corrosion in Australasia.

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Masters Painters Member

Master Painters Australia is an Australian wide Industry Association seeking to support, advance and encourage commercial, residential and professional painting businesses and individuals. The Master Painters Association of Victoria was first established in 1895 by painters for painters. It has since grown into a professional painting community within Victoria and Tasmania giving instant access to customers looking for information and services specific to their painting project.

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An Enviropainter® is a registered member of the Master Painters Australia who has undertaken an accredited training course on 22002VIC Sustainable Painting Practices. An Enviropainter® can advise on the latest products and painting practices; use reusable and renewable resources and materials and minimize paint waste and water use. Their working practices reduce the impact of the painting and decorating trade on the environment.

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Painting Contractors Certification Program (PCCP)

An accreditation program that minimises spending on maintenance of assets and infrastructure.

The PCCP was started in 1992 as a joint initiative between the Commonwealth (as a major owner of assets and infrastructure) and industry. Its objective was to accredit painting contractors who could demonstrate compliance with certain defined minimum performance standards – quality systems, satisfied customers, skilled and experienced personnel etc.

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CIPS Certified NACE Inspectors on site

About NACE:

NACE International is the global voice of the corrosion control and prevention industry. It is the World’s largest organization dedicated to the study of corrosion. NACE seeks to:

  • Educate corrosion professionals in all relevant industries through training and certification
  • Establish industry-wide communication through membership events and activities
  • Promote research of new technology through trade standards and publications
  • Advocate on behalf of corrosion experts among public and private sectors
  • CIP Level 2: A NACE Coating Inspector Level 2 will possess (but will not be limited to) the following skills and knowledge factors:

    • Qualified to perform advanced coating inspections using both nondestructive and destructive techniques
    • Knowledge of specialized coating materials and techniques for a variety of substrates including concrete, copper, aluminum, lead, galvanized, and thermal spray metals as well as wood and polymeric materials (plastics)
    • Understanding of various types of coatings including powder, fireproof, anti-fouling, high-heat, and temporary protective coatings as well as concrete, pipeline, mainline, and field joint coatings
    • Advanced knowledge of record keeping, report writing and condition surveys

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    Civil Contractors Federation Member

    The Civil Contractors Federation (CCF) is the member-based representative body of civil engineering contractors in Australia providing assistance and expertise in contractor development and industry issues.

    CCF has branches in all states and territories and represents nearly 2000 members who, in turn, work in an industry of some 350,000 people.

    CCF members are involved in a variety of projects and activities including the development and maintenance of civil infrastructure such as roads, bridges, dams, wharves and commercial and housing land development.

    The Civil Contractors Federation is an organisation registered under the Fair Work (Registered Organisations) Act 2009. We have a National Board which is comprised of member-elected representatives from each state and territory.

    A network of branch offices is located in every state and territory. Each branch has an elected branch board made up of contractor members who provide governance and strategic direction and a CEO who is responsible for the operations and service delivery of the branch.

    Our ongoing aim is to improve the civil construction industry, as well provide a unified voice for civil contractors to all levels of Government.

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    Commercial Industry Painting services – -licensed cool roof commercial installers

    Cool Roofs have been shown to offer benefits across a range of installations including air-conditioned and non-air-conditioned low rise commercial buildings. Benefits are more direct in single storey or low rise buildings with low pitch roofs due to the higher ratio of exposed Roof area to floor area and where insulation levels are low.

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    SSPC Member

    SSPC: The Society for Protective Coatings was founded in 1950 as the Steel Structures Painting Council, a non-profit professional society concerned with the use of coatings to protect industrial steel structures. In 1997, the name of the association was changed to The Society for Protective Coatings to better reflect the changing nature of coatings technology and the ever-expanding types of construction materials.

    SSPC is the only non-profit association that is focused on the protection and preservation of concrete, steel and other industrial and marine structures and surfaces through the use of high-performance protective, marine and industrial coatings. SSPC is the leading source of information on surface preparation, coating selection, coating application, environmental regulations, and health and safety issues that affect the protective coatings industry.

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