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Nixon Realestate

Gavan Miller is a busy man who doesn’t have time to muck around.

Gavan is the Senior Property Manager for Kevin Nixon Real Estate, a company with more than 900 industrial, commercial and residential and Owners Corporations properties on their books.

As a satisfied client of Commercial Industrial Painting Services (CIPS) for more than five years, Gavin is always happy to recommend CIPS to anyone looking for commercial painters.

“From the first job they did for us, I was impressed. With other contractors, I’ve had to follow up and chase quotes but with CIPS there’s no duplication of my duties. I get a quote on time and no fuss delivery. The quotes they provide are efficient, detailed and timely, enabling us to plan ahead and manage both our clients’ and tenants expectations. Everyone knows what to expect because CIPS are dependable and deliver on their promises. The fact that our clients are satisfied too, helps ensure their loyalty to us.” -Gavan

CIPS can help you impress your clients too. From commercial painting jobs, to large industrial plants, CIPS can save you time and money. Contact us now to find out more.