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Monash Aged Care

For more than six years, Monash City Council’s Major Buildings Coordinator, Jeffery Blight has been contracting work to Commercial Industrial Painting Services (CIPS).

Some of the work is straightforward painting and maintenance work, but when the jobs require sensitivity and something out of the ordinary he talks to CIPS.

“We have contracted CIPS to carry out work in our aged care facilities and this is a tough market to please. CIPS are non-intrusive, considerate of residents and there are no delays. We’ve never had a complaint about CIPS and that’s a big plus for us.I appreciate the fact that they provide solutions to any problems that we may encounter rather than asking for a resolution.One of the stand-out features of CIPS is their quality assurance (QA) system and that’s very important in maintenance management. Their QA system means that their delivery is totally consistent in terms of services, products and performance.” -Jeffery

In addition to one-off jobs, CIPS also carry out ongoing maintenance for Monash City Council.