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Brunswick Medical Centre

Project Summary


Corner Sydney Road and Brunswick Road, Brunswick, Victoria


CBRE (VIC) Pty Ltd


To prepare and repaint the 2 exterior elevations


Generally the building was dirty and due for repaint. It was heavily soiled from the constant road traffic. Additionally there had been several poor attempts at repainting the steel surfaces resulting in peeling paint

Work Method:

CIPS wont he project by being able to expedite the works to limit the costs of managing the site issues (below). Therefore we operated up to 4 pieces of machinery at once with up to 8 staff


These works were completed in 5 shifts, including site establishment and removal of scaffolding (at the completion of works)

CIPS strengths:

CIPS strengths were in their project management, including getting all the necessary permits, designing and implementing the necessary safety controls, and planning the project to minimise costs.


Please call CIPS office to obtain the contact details of our referees.

Key risks:

Building Users

The building houses a pharmacy, medical practice and specialist consulting rooms. Therefore we had to ensure full building access to patients and staff at all times.


Being on a busy intersection, we had to ensure safety of pedestrians. In accordance with a council permit (procured by CIPS), we installed a gantry constructed of scaffolding to protect pedestrians in the event that something dropped during our works above.

Power lines

We were working within 3m of a power line and had to obtain a permit from the local authority that ensured our workers were safe at all times.

Vehicle Traffic

In order to access the height of the building, we required elevated work platforms. The only space for these machines was on the road. Therefore we had to submit a traffic management plan (TMP) & apply for a Vicroards MOA. Our TMP included a lane closure on both roads using 2 traffic control persons and temporary barricades. VicRoads requested we limit our lane closure to between 9:30am-3pm weekdays.